Our school has added another important feature with the school infrastructure i.e. the formation of a new school band under a highly trained, expert and professional bandmaster. A school band along with its Band programme has its own importance as it teaches atleast 18 lessons to the Marching Band.

Music : Music keeps the brain active and growing. It can uplift one when he/she is down or dragging. Neurological multi tasking. The neuronal connections grown in marching band will benefit the students throughout life.

Discipline : The discipline one experiences and practices in the foundation for discipline later, being the part of a team.

Teamwork : There is amazing satisfaction in coming together with a team, working hard alongside with a team, to perform a show.

Camaraderie : Shared experiences over time build relationship & friendship. In short, other experiences are Time Management, Sacrifice, Resilience, Flexibility combined with Creative Problem Solving, Manners & Respect, Generosity, Preconception and trust etc.


Set amidst the pastoral background, the residential buildings with all ultra modern facilities, for boys and girls separate, offer a unique opportunity to grow, experience self-dependence, own privacy and pursue their goals. The staff members look after the learners’ academic, emotional and social needs.


Besides academics, we also take great care of the learners’ physical fitness as we believe in the dictum that ‘a healthy mind lives in a healthy body’. Keeping this in view we provide training in various fields of sports. Number of coaches (national and international fame) have already visited our campus and imparted training to school teams. School has a wide range of sports facilities.


They have become the part of student life and have been made compulsory as an extra curricular activity. Under the guidance of Yoga experts the learners learn different ‘ASANAS’ to keep themselves mentally and physically fit.


The school has a well equipped library with a vast collection of books on different subjects along with educational CD’s/ DVD’s. Teachers and students can utilize their leisure time in the library for reference connected with their subjects, projects as well as for pleasure reading.


Dance in its aesthetic form helps to reduce depression and also said to be a good exercise. Believing that Prince Academy offers various dance practices like Classical, Contemporary, Salsa, Folk Dance, Filmy Style etc. Under the expert guidance of dance masters.


Prince Academy offers a wide range of facilities in music like Hindustani Vocal Music, Western & Classical and Instrumental etc. Students opt for any of the above are taught and trained by professionals. School also offers ‘Hindustani Vocal Music’ as an optional subject in 10+2 classes.


The school has the provision of canteen for the students as well as for the staff to enjoy various snacks, less oil food items without compromising with the high quality hygienic nutritious food. A good number of students and staff members take the pleasure of tasting food items in recess time.


A large no. of students i.e. near about 3000 students avail this facility to commute from different places of the district everyday. All the buses ply through the different routes to pick up the students and the staff members from their pre destined stops.


Information technology has brought a revolution and with a ‘click’ on your ‘mouse’, one can bring the whole world in his drawing room. Our computer lab equipped with 50 computers are up-graded with multimedia system where students have an easy access to various information, data, project material etc. according to their needs.